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Endoscopic Applications Releases Beta Version of Cystoviews©

Boston MA, October 7, 2003 –Because of a rise in cancer and other bladder problems, cystoscopies have increased over the past five years. Yet until recently, little has been done to automate the process of documenting and archiving the images and other data derived from such procedures.

Endoscopic Applications Company today announced the beta release of Cystoviews©, an integrated application that assists in the mapping of bladder tumors during cystoscopic procedures such as cancer screening and surgery. The product is being developed with the cooperation of a primary cystoscope equipment manufacturer, and clinical trials are currently under way at a leading hospital and urology center.

Cystoviews documents the procedure by digitally capturing an image sequence, in whole or in part, for later review. On review or playback, images can be annotated with pen or voice. Tumors can be mapped and measured either by drawing the location on a bladder model or by utilizing a proprietary algorithm. All data is stored in the patient database record for periodic follow-up.

Cystoviews runs on the Microsoft Windows XP and Tablet XP platforms. The Tablet PC supports pen/electronic ink and voice recognition. Voice commands enable the physician to perform the cystoscopy or surgery and document it without the inconvenience and awkwardness of having to keyboard the data.

Additionally, physicians and medical staff can access other patient information such as scans, laboratory test results, and biopsies using the same application.

About EAC:
Endoscopic Applications Company (EAC) is a medical software company focused on developing and marketing endoscopic applications for physicians and surgeons…. The company was founded in June of 2003 and its corporate headquarters are located at
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